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Payroll and human resource services require full attention to detail. At Strovis Payroll & HR, we provide all the services, technology and expertise of a large, corporate HR department for your business, regardless of size - and we save you time and money in the process.

As a Human Resource Outsourcing (HRO) Company with locations all along South Carolina's Atlantic coast and providing service to companies in 32 states, Strovis Payroll & HR offers customizable packages to fit any need. Whether you have a handful of employees or if you have 200 or more, our professional staff can take care of your payroll and HR needs. We've been doing it, in fact, since 1998.

Our suite of workplace management services provides time and labor management, human resources and payroll. From recruitment to off boarding, the suite uses intuitive employee and manager self-service (ESS and MSS) features that empower employees. A robust reporting engine lets managers customize reports, address employee issues directly and dynamically view and export data in a variety of formats.

By automating many of the manual, time-consuming processes associated with managing your workforce, our suite of services helps companies improve operational processes and grow your business while easing compliance and, best of all, saving you time and money.

We help your company manage the risk that comes with payroll and HR. You're already outsourcing your many aspects of your HR needs like Benefit Plans and Workers’ Comp Coverage. With Strovis Payroll & HR on your side, you can consolidate all your employee administration duties into one location, and you can concentrate on what really matters: increasing your company's success.

Your workforce is the engine that drives your success, but it's also one of your most costly assets. By letting Strovis manage your workforce payroll and HR needs, you will reduce labor costs, promote workforce productivity and even hire future talent that can transform how you find, manage, grow and retain your workforce.

Contact us today to find out how these HCM services can reduce your employment costs and employment liability.

Plans and Technology Options to Suit Your Culture and Budget

Strovis Payroll & HR along with Strovis Benefits provide a unique service offering a one-stop shop for brokerage and benefit management. By partnering these two services together, employers have fewer vendors, creating an easy flow of information. Strovis Benefits has access to all rated carriers, as well as partially self-funded cost-saving options.

Payroll Solutions

Open Enrollment

Make your annual open enrollment process an automated breeze by taking advantage of our electronic benefit enrollment platform, allowing employees to choose their benefit elections, and track waivers, in an online shopping experience.

Payroll Solutions

Carrier Connectivity

A cloud-based service that automates benefit enrollment data management through pre-built, secure and fully managed integrations between our HR solution and benefit insurance carriers and providers. The service will eliminate costly errors associated with carrier enrollment data entry, including "missed enrollments" and billings for terminated or ineligible employees.

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401(k) Plan Management

Our platform allows you to build in the aspects of your 401(k) plan including custom policies for different employee groups. The built-in plan automatically calculates employer matches, watches for entry dates and creates a submission file each pay period.

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Multi-Employer 401(k) Adoption

Attract and retain top talent, and create a happier, more stable workforce by offering your employees a Slavic 401(k) plan. Happier employees stick with your business longer, ensuring you have the depth for your business to continue to scale. Our plan administration fees are among the lowest in the industry, allowing more of your money to stay where it’s needed; in running and growing your business.

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Employee Life Changing Event

Easily track employee life change events such as marriage, death and birth through our HR Platform. As change events occur, automatic notifications will go out to employee, HR and managers to begin necessary workflows.

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Keeping health insurance is often key for employees who choose to leave the workplace or are terminated. Either way, our HR platform communicates with 3rd party COBRA vendors to ensure compliance in COBRA communication and payment collection.

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ACA Admin

Our ACA module, available in our Marketplace, allows you to proactively manage your ACA compliance strategy across your entire workforce, providing tools to effectively manage regular- and variable-hour employees' benefit compliance, along with applicable reporting.

Payroll Solutions

Employee Deduction Management

Our platform allows you to manage employee deductions in an automated fashion. We help you build out the structure and then let the system do the work and calculations for you; including 3rd & 5th Pay Period cutoffs, missed deduction recaptures and deduction goal cutoffs.

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